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"Bring Back The Light" was a quick exercise in pixel art animation. It was one of the first times I animated the background for a scene in addition to the subjects.
My longest vlog to date, filmed during a winter trip to Starved Rock. It features a strong improvement on how to properly color grade footage, along with with a less rapid-fire editing style.
Content Warning: Some NSFW language at the very end of the video.
The second vlog that I made, in a style similar to the first. Unforunately, the color grading didn't exactly strike the balance of looking like a "filter" above the footage.
The first vlog I made, and the first time I tried to color grade footage. Still remains one of my favorite videos thanks to the editing that closely follows the musical beats.
My first attempt at full-length animation that didn't involve pixel art. It was a good experience, but looking back on it, there is much more I could have (and should have) done with it.